Asset and content claims

In the past year, the insurance market in Romania is changing/maturing continuously; to this effect, clients are starting to understand the importance of insurance and the benefit offered in case an insured event occurs.

Dealing with and settling the claims for buildings and assets is, at this time, a rather big challenge, as there are very few specialists in the field that understand that the assessment and the approach for such types of claims is different than in case of automotive claims.

Considering the significant and continuous increase of the proportion of non-automotive types of claims files in the total claims files of all insurance companies, there was a demand for a specialized company to act on a case to case basis or on a longer term to help insurers to not delay the claims settlement and to improve their own activity of settling the non-automotive claims.

For this reason, starting with 2009, we have developed the Department of Non-Automotive Claims which manages buildings and asset claims.

There is a wide range of claims, starting from simple flood/fire to claims exceeding millions of euros. You can count on our expertize, professionalism and promptness whenever you face such types of claims. All you have to do is contact us.